Drill down (cascading) forms in QGIS crowdfund – final stretch!

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Update: donations are now closed, with the outcome of the campaign pending! We’re nearing the final hours of our crowd funding campaign to implement a drill-down (cascading) field support within QGIS forms, and thanks to numerous generous backers we’re very close to hitting the funding goal! This is a really exciting new feature which would help add […]

Drill-down (cascading) forms in QGIS Value Relation Widgets Campaign

This campaign covers extending the functionality present in QGIS “Value Relation Widgets”, allowing the implementation of complex, dynamic filters within QGIS attribute forms. The functionality can be used to implement “drill-down” forms within QGIS, where the values available in one field depend on the values of other fields: When implemented, this feature will allow users […]

QGIS Print Layouts Graphs and Charts Campaign

The QGIS “Data Plotly” plugin (developed by Faunalia) allows for creation of D3-like interactive plots directly within QGIS, using the feature-rich and mature Plotly library. Although it’s been designed with simplicity in mind, the plugin exposes a powerful interface for creation of custom plots with a wide variety of plot templates and configuration options. Additionally, […]

Edit Features “In Place” Using QGIS Spatial Operations Campaign

One of QGIS’ current strengths lies in how easy it is to edit vector layers by digitizing new features and manually editing the nodes and parts of existing features. Despite this, some editing operations within QGIS remain quite complex and painstaking to perform. For instance, to perform a common task like reversing the direction of […]


At North Road we believe that crowd funded development is a sustainable and economic way for sponsoring feature requests and bug fixes within open-source software. Crowd funding shares the cost of development over multiple interested parties, allowing groups of sponsors to fund large development work which would be out of reach of their individual budgets. We have implemented […]