Shapeburst fill styles in QGIS 2.4

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With QGIS 2.4 getting closer (only a few weeks away now) I’d like to take some time to explore an exciting new feature which will be available in the upcoming release… shapeburst fills! As a bit of background, QGIS 2.2 introduced a gradient fill style for polygons, which included linear, radial and conical gradients. While this was […]

Colour shortcuts in QGIS 2.4

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Quick poll… what’s the most frustrating thing about GIS? Fighting with colour plotters? Trying to remember GDAL command line syntax? MapInfo’s new ribbon interface* [1]? All of the above? Wrong! It’s getting a colour from here: …all the way over to here: Since the dawn of GIS humanity has struggled with this simple task* [2]. We’ve […]

Colour blindness and grayscale previews in QGIS 2.4

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Since QGIS 2.4 is nearing feature freeze it seems like a good time to start exploring some of the great new features in this release. So, let’s get started with my most recent addition to QGIS’ print composer… preview modes! As every first year cartography text book will tell you, it’s important to know your […]